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The Truth Behind Sugar Addiction

sugar imageWhen is the last time you got mad at yourself for overdoing it with sweets?

Maybe you promised yourself you weren’t going to have a second piece of cake, or that the leftover brownies wouldn’t become breakfast, or that the pint of ice cream would last more than one sitting.

Guys, I get it.

The term sweet tooth makes sugar addiction sound like some sweet, cute attribute we adopted from our parents – like a dimple when we smile.

But always wanting sugar is not an inherited trait – it’s an addiction.

According to animal studies, sugar triggers the same reward centers in the brain as cocaine and is in fact, 8x more addictive than cocaine.


The food industry knows this, and they use it to their advantage.

Food is chemically designed to create pleasure and addiction in the people who consume it.

So when you binge on a whole bag of fun-sized Snickers, you are not a terrible person with zero willpower – you are a human facing a HIGHLY addictive substance.

If you’ve ever known a person who faced the challenge of getting off drugs like cocaine or heroin – you’d know that it is an INCREDIBLY painful process.

Detoxifying the body comes with intense physical withdrawal symptoms, and while sugar withdrawals are nowhere close to the intensity of narcotic withdrawal – they are uncomfortable, nonetheless.

Removing added sugar from your diet can result in symptoms like fatigue, aches and pains, hunger, irritability, and flu-like symptoms.

There are definitely tools and methods to make the process less painful, and I will be sharing those in upcoming posts and stories.

But the bottom line is this – removing added sugar from your diet can be mentally, emotionally, and physically uncomfortable, but it’s 100% worth it if you want a long and healthy life.

Remember – sugar contributes to inflammation, and inflammation over time is the root cause of chronic disease.

If you want to break the addiction, and experience freedom from sugar so you can be in total control of your health – join me in a free, 5-day added sugar detox challenge, next week on Instagram (@doctordaniellebfh)

I’m looking forward to clearing out brain fog, improving my energy, and sleeping better, plus – I would be lying if I told you I hadn’t eaten entire batches of cookies in the past…chocolate chip is especially irresistible to me.

What’s your sugar kryptonite?

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