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Salt: Is it healthy or is it harmful?



I have always loved salt and even when I eat sweets, I opt for salted chocolate, salted caramel…literally anything with salt is going in my belly.

If you’re an adult human, you have likely been told a million and one things about whether or not salt is healthy. If you are an adult human, you may be confused – and I don’t blame you.

Allow me to clarify some of the noise.

Salt is only “bad” if you are sodium sensitive. This means that you are genetically predisposed to not clearing sodium well, and this can affect your blood pressure and kidneys.

Also, not all salt is created equal.

As a rule of thumb, if your food comes in a package, the salt it contains is not ideal for your health. Table salt is pure sodium chloride (NaCl) and contains zero other minerals. Eating a diet high in processed foods, or salting your food exclusively with table salt leads to unbalanced, high sodium levels.

It is critical that we take in a balanced array of minerals from our food and supplements. Other minerals that are missing from our table salt include calcium, chloride, magnesium (see the magnesium post below to learn how critical it is to get this mineral), phosphorus and potassium.

Your body requires an abundance of these bad boys to run all of the complex mechanisms that keep you going.

Options like natural sea salt and Himalayan pink salt contain, a much better balance of all of the macro-minerals and trace minerals, so you don’t end up overloading your body with sodium. Choose these types of natural salt when you are cooking at home, and minimize the amount of processed stuff you’re eating.

Keep in mind – these unprocessed salts do not have added iodine like table salt, so you may need to increase sources of iodine in your diet when making the switch.

The takeaway here is that salt is not evil.

If you are consuming the right type of salt, with an abundance of healthful foods, and you are not sodium sensitive – salt is wonderful for you.

I even add a pinch to my filtered water in the mornings to get my system hydrated and primed for the day! I love Himalayan pink salt – what’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments below

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