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Warning Signs of Chronic Inflammation: What You Need to Know


chronic-inflammationChronic inflammation is a huge threat to our health. It is the root of most chronic disease and it can create a frenzy of symptoms throughout the body. Typically, we think of inflammation as an acute process triggered by injury and assault.

But that’s only half of the story…

Think back to when you were a kid and your menacing older sibling *cough cough Bobby* accidentally slammed your finger in a door.
The red, throbbing, swollen digit that you were left with is a great example of acute inflammation.

Inflammation is an amazing natural mechanism.  It’s the perfect example of our body’s innate healing abilities.
The swelling process creates stability in unstable injuries- like sprained ankles.
The inflammatory process also brings in a flood of immune cells to ward-off invaders.
And it even flushes out dead cells and allows for the rebuilding of injured tissues.

Acute inflammation is awesome.

What’s not so awesome is chronic, systemic inflammation.

Imagine for a minute, acute inflammation as an emergency alarm- like a smoke alarm when there’s a fire.
Chronic inflammation is that same blaring alarm that just keeps going, even when the fire is out and the emergency is over.
Now, imagine living through an ear-piercing fire alarm day-in and day-out that just won’t turn off…
That’s your entire body when you’re chronically inflamed.


⦁ Fatigue
⦁ Bloating
⦁ Gastrointestinal pain
⦁ Constipation, diarrhea
⦁ Acid reflux
⦁ Body aches and pains
⦁ Headaches
⦁ Brain fog
⦁ Depression and anxiety
⦁ Skin problems like rashes and acne
⦁ Weight gain
⦁ Frequent infections
⦁ Allergies

Sound familiar?
Consider adopting the following changes to drastically reduce your chronic inflammation…


⦁ Steer clear of sugar and processed foods
⦁ Avoid conventional meat, eggs, and dairy- go for grass-finished, and pastured when available
⦁ Consume plenty of healthy fats and proteins
⦁ Keep your omega-6 (vegetable oils) to omega-3 (find more on omega-3s here) ratio close to 2:1
⦁ Feed your gut with fermented foods or probiotics
⦁ Avoid foods that you are sensitive to
⦁ Using an elimination diet and keeping track of symptoms can help you pinpoint trigger foods


⦁ Make sleep a priority
⦁ Try meditation and stress-reducing practices


⦁ Move your body everyday- focus on low-intensity exercise
⦁ Drink water like it’s your job


Just because something is common doesn’t make it normal.

Listen to your body and take intentional steps to heal. You don’t have to do it all at once.

Each step you take, you’ll start feeling and functioning incrementally better.

All you have to do is start!

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