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About Us

I want to give people every tool that they need to be 100% healthy!

Dr. Danielle laughingThe inspiration for our practice’s name comes from Dr. Danielle’s love for the Seattle neighborhood. The other part of the name—Functional Health—encompasses functional medicine and chiropractic.  While it is critical to understand the cause of symptoms and disease, the goal with this type of care is to improve overall health, moving past “sick care” into wellness.

Dr. Danielle’s Vision

“I’m here to empower people and help them achieve their goals, becoming their partner in health. It’s not about me; it’s about my patients. I want to be the pillar of support for them on their journey. My hope for patients is that they can identify their health goals and start taking action steps to live their best life.”

Dr. Danielle has evolved to be holistic and not just focused on the small details but really the whole person nutritionally—what their biochemistry says and where they are with their function.

Some Success Stories

Chiropractic does some pretty incredible things, and pain relief is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some examples.

From Not Walking to Playing Basketball

A 24-year-old patient came into the office and was unable to walk. He was using support and told Dr. Danielle that he couldn’t even walk to the store to get an ice pack. The patient sat at a desk all day for 12 hours working for a major technology company. She adjusted the patient and talked to him about diet.

Within a week, during which time he received two adjustments, he was walking and even playing basketball.

Getting Off of Medications

Another patient who has diabetes was unaware that her nutritional status had anything to do with her disease status. She tried a well-known weight loss program for her weight and went to medical doctors to try and get on medications. The patient was on blood pressure medication and multiple diabetes drugs.

Dr. Danielle sat down with her and talked about what diet has to do with blood sugar and provided nutritional counseling. The woman is currently off all of her blood pressure medications and reduced her diabetes medications by half. She’s now very into her health and excited about life!

Do You Feel Amazing Every Single Day?

Nobody should have to settle for so-so health. If you’d like to feel like you’re living your best life and want to function at 100% you can with Dr. Danielle’s natural health solutions. Chiropractic is one pillar on that path to being your best. As your nervous system connects everything between your brain and your body, applying a chiropractic adjustment and fixing your diet and nutrition can help you feel incredible!

If you’ve been searching for a chiropractor in Queen Anne or specifically Seattle, look no further. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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